Last days – Basque Country exchange program


Today we received shoes, which we could paint like we wanted to.

After the lunch we went to the Portugalete Bridge. Some people went upstairs. It was very high. The others which were affraid of hights stayed downstairs and took the ferry. After that we relaxed at a beach. But we couldn`t go swimming.

After the dinner we had a disco in our seminar room… But lot of us think that it was not so good.

Today we were in the Guggenheim Museum. we didn`t wanted to go, but we had to. After that we went 45 minutes by feet back to the hostel. Then we had lunch. After the lunch we walked to the Metro and went to another beach. The water was not very clean.

The last evening was very good. We handed over some small presents to the Basques. And talked about our visit in Bilbao. We are all sad that it was our last day. – But we will see each other in 10 days at Schubi Beach.


Yesterday morning we made very beautiful shoes, called «Alpargatas». In the afternoon we went to Portugalete to the famous brigde, some people went upstairs and the other downstairs. We came back and we prepared to go party. At 22:00 we had the party with DJ JESUS but we didn´t enjoy a lot because only the Basque people was dancing.

Today morning we went to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim Museum, it has been a little bit boring but is beautiful to see. In the afternoon we have been on Arrigunaga´s beach, it was too hot!!!

In few hours the Germans are leaving, we will see them in ten days, WE WILL MISS YOU!

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