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Salma finishes her 8-months service civique in Basque Country

Eight months have passed, and it is time for me to tell you everything about this experience. 

This experience has been life-changing for me. From all points of view. The work within the foundation made me realize how important entities are when it comes to helping people. I understood that the scale isn’t important and that each one of us can make a difference in this world. I started this volunteering not knowing if I would really be able to help… Turns out my work was rather essential to helping properly the migrants and I must say this: The feeling I get when I know I have helped someone in some way is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had without a doubt. 

Not only have I found particular joy in helping but I was also lucky to meet great people within the association, like my colleagues who were always looking out for me, but also the young Moroccans and Algerians I got to spend time with who made me forget that I was working and instead feel like I was just hanging out with friends. So, I want to thank all of them for their hearty welcome and kindness that made these eight months memorable.  

A volunteering experience abroad is more than volunteering per se, you’re living in another city/country and discovering a new culture and new people. Without realizing it, I experienced all the above. I got to visit the city and learn more about the Basque culture through food, “fiestas”, language and so much more! Even though I come from a neighboring country (France), I still felt the cultural difference between the two countries which is crazy if we come to think about it. There’s Spain and then there’s Pais Vasco and I can only encourage you to see for yourself how amazing this region is thanks notably to its gorgeous landscapes. 

I guess I’m being redundant, but I have to tell you again to take this opportunity of doing what you love for a few months by going abroad, discovering places you wouldn’t have thought of visiting, all this while gaining experience by helping others J

Finally, I would like to thank again all my colleagues for making me feel like I was an integral part of this “family”, and also a big thanks to Alex who was always there for me when I needed help. Eskerrik Asko !!!

La acogida de voluntariado europeo de Kiribil Sarea, se realiza con la financiación del programa Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad y el apoyo del Área de Juventud y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

Salma y su voluntariado europeo con jovenes migrantes

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself!  My name is Salma Ibrahim, I am 21 years old, and I am currently volunteering in Bilbao with Kiribil Sarea. Today, I want to share with you my experience as a volunteer and as a young living in Bilbao.

It’s been 5 months since I’ve started volunteering here in Bilbao and the least, I can say is that I’ve been learning new things daily since I arrived.

First, let me talk to you about the city. Bilbao is situated in the Basque Country, which makes the city even more unique within Spain. Not only have I been improving my Spanish since arriving, but I’ve also been picking up some words and sentences in the Basque language called Euskara. Bilbao is a city with its own Basque identity making it a place incredibly unique filled with history and culture.


My favourite place in Bilbao must be the Azkuna Zentroa, where you can find a cinema, a library, and an exhibition centre but also a pool. You can go there, to relax, study or do some physical exercise, it is up to you!   The other great aspect of the region is that there are so many different landscapes around the city. Indeed, I have been able to go to the beach that is an hour far from Bilbao, I‘ve also been able to go hiking notably in Mendikosolo Parque with the young migrants. Whether you are a city or a nature person, Bilbao is the best option for you!

 These five months within the association have been more than eye-opening. Indeed, when I arrived, I did not know what to expect from the people working there, or the young migrants benefiting from the structure. Today, I can say without a doubt that I do not regret coming to Bilbao and this association in particular. I have met wonderful people that are my colleagues. They always do their possible to make me feel at ease among them by answering all my questions and doubts without hesitation.


The team has been helping me understand the way the Spanish and Basque administration work when it comes to immigration, and even though I had a bit of knowledge regarding migration in general, I learned a lot about the specifics of the Spanish law system. I’ve been taking part in multiple activities organized by the team for the young migrants such as cooking workshops but also excursions to the beach and the mountain. It is such a delight to spend quality time with the young and the team away from the usual environment.

Overall, my experience with Kiribil has been incredibly rich and pleasant. I am more than grateful for this opportunity and encourage everyone to take the leap !


La acogida de voluntariado europeo de Kiribil Sarea, se realiza con la financiación del programa Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad y el apoyo del Área de Juventud y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

3 new ESC volunteers in Kiribil during 2021-2022 season

Hi everyone! We are Lucia from Slovakia, Salma from France and Lucia from Italy. We are the three lucky volunteers at Kiribil Sarea, spending eight months in Bilbao during 2021-2022, supporting Gozaldi, Aisibizia, Harribide Fundación, Ausartzen and Umeak Kalean.

It’s been three weeks since we’ve arrived in Bilbao, and we’ve managed to integrate to the city quite well. During our free time, we try to learn more about the culture and history of the Basque Country, but we’ve also started taking Spanish classes in order to enjoy the region even more.  We’ve been able to use the different means at our disposition to learn more about the country such as the library, letting us work in a beautiful and quiet place. The different student associations such as Erasmus Student Network but also Happy Erasmus Bilbao were also extremely helpful when it comes to the discovery of the city and the region in general, but also to meet people from all over the world and exchange with the others about our experiences.

The local community has also been extremely warm and welcoming. They’ve been allowing us to practice the language and discover more about their culture.

The city has a lot to offer and especially gorgeous sites that we were able to see in our free time when wandering notably in the old neighbourhood. Bilbao is also close to the sea therefore it was a real pleasure to have the chance to go for a swim especially since not all of us live near the beach in our respective countries. It is also surrounded by mountains that we were able to climb during our hikes.

We are extremely grateful to be volunteering is such a unique city that offers the perfect balance between nature and modernity.

Salma Ibrahim – Volunteer with youth migrants

I’m Salma and I will be supporting the Harribide Fundazioa which goal is to promote the social inclusion of migrants through different ways, such as Spanish courses, but also outdoor activities gathering migrants and the local community to enable social relations. These means make it possible for migrants to feel more comfortable and included within the community, and therefore allowing them to project themselves as full and equal citizens.

This mission not only benefits the young migrants which have been facing discrimination for a long time, but it also benefits the volunteers, by allowing them to discover new cultures and traditions

My time with Harribide Fundazioa has been tremendously interesting, I’ve been making great encounters whether it is with the other volunteers or the beneficiaries of the project. I’ve also been learning a lot about Spanish and more especially the Basque Country’s legal system concerning migration. Overall, this experience has also been rewarding for me as part of the Harribide Fundación team as a volunteer.  

Lucia Pace and Lucia Gazdurová – Volunteers with kids and teenegers

We are Lucia from Italy and Lucia from Slovakia, and our task includes the development of socio educational activities for children and young people. We believe that learning centres are useful because they can have fun, but they can also explore their own interests. The activities encourage collaboration, participation, inclusion and promote values such as tolerance, solidarity and respect. We take care of the school reinforcement, and we participate in different outdoor activities such as paddle surf and circus workshop in order to allow the kids to socialise and try new things.

It is an experience that allows young people to get in touch with different cultures, traditions, and at the same time enriches our cultural and personal background. We think that young people are the future, and we are happy to contribute to their growth.

La acogida de voluntariado europeo de Kiribil Sarea, se realiza con la financiación del programa Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad y el apoyo del Área de Juventud y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

Voluntariado europeo en un gaztegune y colonias de verano

He realizado un voluntariado europeo en Bilbao en un centro juvenil y unas colonias de verano. Aprendí a dinamizar actividades y mejore mi castellano. Recomiendo a todo el mundo hacer un voluntariado como este.    

Antoine Jacquin

Hace dos meses terminé mi primer año de estudios de Traducción e Interpretación de inglés, castellano y árabe en la Universidad. Estaba buscando una forma de mejorar mis conocimientos de uno de los idiomas que estudio. Conocí el programa del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad gracias a una asociación francesa que promueve la movilidad internacional, «Pistes Solidaires».

Recibí un mensaje de ellos para una misión en Bilbao en el ámbito de la educación no formal con niños. Era un tema que me interesaba, así que me presenté enseguida. Después de mi selección, llegué a Bilbao. Ciudad que forma parte del País Vasco, situada en el norte de España. La particularidad de este territorio es que allí también se habla el Euskera , que es una lengua muy antigua.

Durante mi misión, trabajé con dos públicos diferentes: niños menores de 10 años y adolescentes. Trabajé un mes en el interior de un centro juvenil y un mes en el exterior en campamentos de verano de la ciudad.

En la sala había de todo para divertirse. Material creativo: bolígrafos, rotuladores, tijeras,

Juegos de mesa, videojuegos y algunos utensilios de cocina. Todos los días las personas educadoras organizaban actividades: apoyo escolar, talleres, juegos, etc…

Y como parte de los campamentos de verano hicimos juegos al aire libre, juegos deportivos, caminatas y ¡dos peleas de agua!

Pero lo que más me emocionó fue el proyecto llevado a cabo por uno de los educadores, que consistía en luchar contra la violencia machista mediante reflexiones y retos a los jóvenes. Me pareció difícil de llevar a cabo, pero vital para la convivencia.

Esto refuerza mi deseo de trabajar o ser voluntario en los campos de la interculturalidad, igualdad de género de género y diversidad funcional.

Otro de mis encargos fue hacer 3 vídeos para promocionar la movilidad juvenil y mi experiencia.

El primero es sobre el programa del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

El segundo es sobre la asociación que me acoge en Bilbao «Kiribil Sarea».

Y el tercero es un vídeo sobre Bilbao.

Este proyecto fue difícil para mí, porque era nuevo, tuve que buscar métodos para mantener la concentración, como ir a las oficinas de mi asociación para trabajar con eficacia, ayudarme con el método “pomodoro” y pedir ayuda a mi tutor.

En cuanto a mi vida en Bilbao, me encanta esta ciudad, se puede recorrer a pie, se puede ir fácilmente a diferentes playas en metro, el País Vasco combina la vida en una gran ciudad como Bilbao y una vida cerca de la naturaleza con muchos pueblos con arquitectura auténtica conectados por una red de autobuses y trenes.

Hice un grupo de amigos a través de la Erasmus Student Network, una red de asociaciones europeas que dinamiza la comunidad de movilidad estudiantil.

A través de esta experiencia de voluntariado, confirmé mi deseo de volver a realizar una movilidad de este tipo, ya que considero que es una oportunidad maravillosa para aprender habilidades en un entorno tranquilizador.

La acogida de voluntariado europeo de Kiribil Sarea, se realiza con la financiación del programa Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad y el apoyo del Área de Juventud y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.