Salma y su voluntariado europeo con jovenes migrantes

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself!  My name is Salma Ibrahim, I am 21 years old, and I am currently volunteering in Bilbao with Kiribil Sarea. Today, I want to share with you my experience as a volunteer and as a young living in Bilbao.

It’s been 5 months since I’ve started volunteering here in Bilbao and the least, I can say is that I’ve been learning new things daily since I arrived.

First, let me talk to you about the city. Bilbao is situated in the Basque Country, which makes the city even more unique within Spain. Not only have I been improving my Spanish since arriving, but I’ve also been picking up some words and sentences in the Basque language called Euskara. Bilbao is a city with its own Basque identity making it a place incredibly unique filled with history and culture.


My favourite place in Bilbao must be the Azkuna Zentroa, where you can find a cinema, a library, and an exhibition centre but also a pool. You can go there, to relax, study or do some physical exercise, it is up to you!   The other great aspect of the region is that there are so many different landscapes around the city. Indeed, I have been able to go to the beach that is an hour far from Bilbao, I‘ve also been able to go hiking notably in Mendikosolo Parque with the young migrants. Whether you are a city or a nature person, Bilbao is the best option for you!

 These five months within the association have been more than eye-opening. Indeed, when I arrived, I did not know what to expect from the people working there, or the young migrants benefiting from the structure. Today, I can say without a doubt that I do not regret coming to Bilbao and this association in particular. I have met wonderful people that are my colleagues. They always do their possible to make me feel at ease among them by answering all my questions and doubts without hesitation.


The team has been helping me understand the way the Spanish and Basque administration work when it comes to immigration, and even though I had a bit of knowledge regarding migration in general, I learned a lot about the specifics of the Spanish law system. I’ve been taking part in multiple activities organized by the team for the young migrants such as cooking workshops but also excursions to the beach and the mountain. It is such a delight to spend quality time with the young and the team away from the usual environment.

Overall, my experience with Kiribil has been incredibly rich and pleasant. I am more than grateful for this opportunity and encourage everyone to take the leap !


La acogida de voluntariado europeo de Kiribil Sarea, se realiza con la financiación del programa Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad y el apoyo del Área de Juventud y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

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