Kayak & Cycling day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program


Today we enjoyed a fantastic day – we discovered Bilbao from the waterside with kayaks, we were jumping off the boats and we were swimming around them after the lunch in the shadow we took bikes and rode to the center of the town although we were quite exhausted, we used the last hours for shopping Hopefully we will have a nice last weekend..

See you tomorrow.


hi guys! today we had a lot of fun, in the morning we went to Bilbo´s river and then we did two grups; one group has done kayak during the other group was going cycling. We enjoyed  kayaks, we swam in the river and in cycling we went around Bilbao. After that, we had free time and we went all together to the Zubiarte shopping center, we ate something in the Mac Donald´s and finaly we went to the hostel. It´s has been a perfect day!!!!

Kisses, see you tomorrow ❤

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