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Today was our last day together as a group.

We got up at are usual time and had breakfast before our morning activity which was banana boating. This activity was great fun for all the group and everyone enjoyed it. In the afternoon we had lunch and then we have done our final evaluation. This included us splitting into group and going around different rooms and answering questions on the page given to us. After this we read back the information we collected as a group in front of everyone to see how we thought of our exchange.

In the evening we have seen photos of all of us together, then we began our celebration by having a BBQ and giving gifts to each other. Once this was out of the way we then set of lanterns which we all signed are favourite moments together and let them fly high. This moment was fantastic and really showed the love between the group.

Scott- This experience was once in a life time for me and would never forget it at all. All the memories we created will go down in my biggest moments i have ever made and i love everyone in this group! Hopefully one day, we will meet again, thank you all for this great experience.

Andrea- I will never forget this incredible exchange and these amazing people. I know that I will remember these days with a smile, love u all !!!!!!!!!!!

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Today, we went to Belfast to go the Ulster museum – but, as we got there we found out it was closed. We were given more free time in City Centre so the Basque people could have more time to shop and see attractions then, we had to go to City Hall for a tour but yet again, we were given free time because it was closed. On our way home we had to complete 2 challenges outside in Kilrea to form names and to fit in a phone box. We finished the day with 2 workshops about human rights and European Citizenship and we looked at qualities, skills and created flags etc.

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In the morning, we started with high ropes which was very funny. There were four different activities to do: the first one was jenga, the second one was like stairs, another one was the leap of faith and the last one were the moving planks. Then we had lunch at 13:00 and after we went canoeing. We crossed the river but it was not very easy because some people fell down from the boat and the water was freezing. After that we came home for dinner and we ate pizza. We then got ready and we went to the coastal town called Portrush. There we went on roller coasters that were very exciting and also visited the beach. Finally, we came back to Woodhall and wrote the blog. Now we are going to party with friends (Irish, British and Basque people) so goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Firstly, to start the day off we went to Belfast to do a tour on the murals of both protestant and catholic communities. We went to a museum that was very interesting as it featured historical elements of Irish culture. We then visited Crumlin Road Gaol for a tour. This was very interesting as we learned how the prisoners experience was like from the opening of the gaol in 1846 to its close in 1996. We went to Belfast City Centre for free time. When we arrived home a mini Fleadh was organised ( Irish Festival). We had sweets, juice and music. To finish the day we went to the town Maghera to have fun and to discover the culture of the small town. In conclusion the day was very enjoyable and interesting. Never again will Daryl and Scott eat spicy hot wings :0

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The first thing we did today was go to Stormont and learn about how the Northern Ireland government was run. We also learned the history of Stormont and how it has changed from when it opened until 2015. DUP and Sinn Fein are the largest parties in Stormont with the most MLA’s. We enjoyed it as it taught us about how the conflict in Northern Ireland has been resolved and continues to be resolved with ‘The Peace Process’.

We then went to the Youth Centre in the afternoon and did some activities and games for example pool and table tennis. in the youth centre we also chilled out and listened to some music.

Area visits was our next thing in the day and we visited the Irish peoples area’s and homes. They told us some things about there area and whether it was Republican or Unionist, this was interesting as we seen the effects it had on their communities during the troubles. We also seen some of the Irish boys and girls friends and families and they were very nice. It was a fun and enjoyable thing to do.

In the night activity Paul Deighan came and spoke with us about the conflict in Northern Ireland from the start up until the Good Friday Agreement. This was the most educational part of the exchange so far as it was explained so well but the Basque group couldn’t understand it all so one of their young people helped them as they are very good at English, it also showed us the whole story of the troubles, everyone expressed there opinions which made a great discussion! This session had everyone thinking and learning most importantly. The Northern Ireland group all found it enjoyable but as the Basque group didn’t understand everything they where slightly confused but we helped them as much as we could.

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we liked the task very much the raft building was very good we enjoyed it very much, the dutch auction was very good it was also funny. we think that the team building games went good there was very good communication


Today, in the morning, we went to Derry. There we enjoyed a guide tour and we learnt about Derry’s history, but we didn’t understand a lot of things because the guide spoke really fast. Then we went to have lunch to a shopping centre. After that we went to the tower museum and it was interesting. After that we had free time and then we came back to the youth centre. Finally we had dinner and did a presentation about each countries.


We started the day by playing PacMan/Come cocos, dodgeball/ Zelai Errea and Spider/Armiarma. Then the leaders tried to soak us with water fight. We got a 2 hour break to dry, shower, play and go to the shop. We had lunch(soup and meat balls). In the afternoon went to the Youth Centre, we split into groups, Basque and Irish to reaearch earch others history and culture. After we formed a group and explained our findings.At night sesion we told jokes and tried to made each other laugh. Finally, the bed time!

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In the morning we did a workshop to know each other better. We completed a timeline of our lives. At the beginning some people were shy but little by little we started to have more confidence and have fun.

In the afternoon we went to the dam (presa) of Arantzile to have a BBQ. At first the fire didn’t light but suddenly it became bigger and it cooked very well.

At the night activity we had fun and we laught a lot playing board games (oca, parchis…) and reading the gossip box.


To start the day, we worked on values and we looked  at differents opinions on family and friends. In the afternoon, we went to the trenches and we saw 3 bunkers of the second war. In the evening, we played some games in groups like “pañuelito” and typical basque sports. In conclusion, we trust in friends after learning different opinions between friends and family.



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