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Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea Day 5

This was a fun day, we started going to the Nervión river where the half of us did kayak while the other half was cyclying, Fede, Oihane, Nafi and Sappo fell into the river while they were doing kayak. Between the change of activities we had lunch.


At the end of the activity we went back to the hostal to change our clothes and then we took a walk around Bilbao where we ate pintxos and watched talented stret artists, plus some traditional dances of Basqeu Country. Then we came back to the Gaztegune and we danced all together before dinner.

Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea Day 4

This morning we started to deal with the topic of this exchange that is Active Citizienship and Gender Equality. So, this morning we talked about Stereotypes of women and men starting it by watching some videos about this subject. After watching videos we discussed in groups and we had the opportunity to face up and know the different, or often similar,  thinking between Italians and Basques guys.


In the afternoon we enjoyed a gift that was given to us by them! We decorated typical basque shoes in a great park, Doña Casilda, just near the Museo de Bellas Artes and later we had free time untill dinner.

Now we´re having fun at the hostel and we are eating carbonara, a typical pasta dish in Italy.

Thanks to everyone for this day together!

Italia- Bilbo Gazte trukea: Day 3

This morning, we have been in a park where we played team-building games all together. After that we have visited Bizkaia, a guide showed us the building and she told us some informations about the paintings and the rooms. From 12 o’clock till 2 p.m. we had our free time and so we visited Bilbao.

After the lunch we played «clue game» around Bilbao: it has been very difficult because we had to walk a lot to search the places and take selfie, despite that it has been very funny and productive because we got to know how the city is.

Now we are very tired and I think that we’ll go to sleep very early.

Italia-Bilbo Gazte trukea Day 2

Today we went to a town called Getxo, it is near Bilbao. There we saw a windmill and a big old castle. After we saw clives. Then we went to the beach under the town and some of us swam in the sea ( the water was very cold!). After swimming we had lunch together and when we finished we played an italian game(we had a lot of fun!!).

At half past five we decided to come back to Bilbao and we took the subway. When we arrived we had some free time, and at 7 o’clock we returned to the «Gaztegune».

Now we are waiting for other guys who came today.