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Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea LAST DAY!!

Today is the last day. This morning we visited the Guggenheim.


After that we had free time and we had lunch.Now the italian girls are ready to leave Bilbao. It has been a beautiful experience for us!

Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea Day 9

Yestarday morning we had done the Youth Pass and then we had free time for an hour.

After free time we had lunch and then we went to Bolunta to see our videos of our countries and our «who is who». In the evening we prepared us to the final party and we prepared our luggage.


At 8.00 we went to the «Gatze Gune» and we had dinner. At 9.30 we started some italian games and we danced. We had a lot of fun!

Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea Day 8

Today we have visited the Gernika Peace Museum in the morning. It was very interesting because we have could learn about the war and its conseguences. Gernika is a fantastic city where we have eaten and visited the famous park where there is an Old Tree survived during the War.

In the afternoon we have done a long walk near the ocean to visit a old church where if you ring the bell tower, your wishes can become true.

Then we have could see the great view of the ocean and rocks.
It was a wonderful day when we learn a lot of things!!!!!!!

Italia-Bilbo Gazte Trukea Day 7

In the morning we continued the project about sexism that we started yesterday and we realised a presentation about it.
We had lunch and then we took the metro to visit Portugalete, where we crossed the «Hanging Bridge», the first World Heritage monument in the Basque Country that was declared by the committee of UNESCO.

Then we went to the beach and we spent there most of the afternoon, some of us ate Churros and they went to the fairground. We had a lot of fun and we came back in the metro to Gatze Gune.
We are hoping to eat because we are very hungry and it is much later than usual.
Later in the evening we will have some free time and then we will sleep (hopefully).