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Hoy si por fin tenemos entrada de nuestra estancia en Polonia. Sentimos el retraso por no poder haberlo hecho antes pero el Wifi se ha roto y nos ha sido imposible.

Last Day!

Today was our last day together as a group.

We got up at are usual time and had breakfast before our morning activity which was banana boating. This activity was great fun for all the group and everyone enjoyed it. In the afternoon we had lunch and then we have done our final evaluation. This included us splitting into group and going around different rooms and answering questions on the page given to us. After this we read back the information we collected as a group in front of everyone to see how we thought of our exchange.

In the evening we have seen photos of all of us together, then we began our celebration by having a BBQ and giving gifts to each other. Once this was out of the way we then set of lanterns which we all signed are favourite moments together and let them fly high. This moment was fantastic and really showed the love between the group.

Scott- This experience was once in a life time for me and would never forget it at all. All the memories we created will go down in my biggest moments i have ever made and i love everyone in this group! Hopefully one day, we will meet again, thank you all for this great experience.

Andrea- I will never forget this incredible exchange and these amazing people. I know that I will remember these days with a smile, love u all !!!!!!!!!!!

Second Last Day

Today, we went to Belfast to go the Ulster museum – but, as we got there we found out it was closed. We were given more free time in City Centre so the Basque people could have more time to shop and see attractions then, we had to go to City Hall for a tour but yet again, we were given free time because it was closed. On our way home we had to complete 2 challenges outside in Kilrea to form names and to fit in a phone box. We finished the day with 2 workshops about human rights and European Citizenship and we looked at qualities, skills and created flags etc.

Sunday 9th August

In the morning, we started with high ropes which was very funny. There were four different activities to do: the first one was jenga, the second one was like stairs, another one was the leap of faith and the last one were the moving planks. Then we had lunch at 13:00 and after we went canoeing. We crossed the river but it was not very easy because some people fell down from the boat and the water was freezing. After that we came home for dinner and we ate pizza. We then got ready and we went to the coastal town called Portrush. There we went on roller coasters that were very exciting and also visited the beach. Finally, we came back to Woodhall and wrote the blog. Now we are going to party with friends (Irish, British and Basque people) so goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!