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Fourth day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program


Today was good but the weather wasn´t that good. Free time was important to get new sunglasses and we had a lot of fun with the basque people. See you tomorrow.


Today in the morning we did a boring activity. Most of us were sleepy and we haven´t enjoyed it . After lunch, we have had free time and we decided  to go  shopping because of the germans. It was so funny, we had a great time together.  See you tomorrow!

Third day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program

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The «Gynkana» was quite hard. We had to walk a lot….. but we also saw a lot of Bilbao. Afterwards, we went to the swimming pool. It was so funny. We had lots of fun with the Basques. Some of us got burned from the sun *ouch*. We had noodle soup and french fries with chicken for dinner… *yummy*.


Today in the «Gynkana» some of us got lost in the underground, and other team had gone upstairs to the swimming pool of Artxanda. On the afternoon we enjoyed the sun, plenty of germans got burned and became «Karramarros» (crab). Now we are waiting for the gossip-box<3.  See you tomorrow!

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Second day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program

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The German boys practiced calisthenics. We played sporty games. It was really funny. We had lunch.

We introduced our countries. It was really interesting. The Basque presented a traditional dance for us.


Today it has been a really good day. We have enjoyed a nice walk around Doña Casilda’s park. Ainhoa has came! Now we are all the group reunited again<3 Now we are going to search for a box to do a «GossipBox». See you tomorrow!

First day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program

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The flight was pretty good.We played some football together which was fun.The weather wasn’t really good, but were pretty sure that it will change soon, hopefully having a good time together.

Lidl lohnt sich!!!!111!!!!


This has been our best day ever. We have met twelve Germans and they all seem really nice. They have been some girls that approach to some German boys. I hope it gets better day by day.