Third day of the Germany – Basque Country exchange program

CAM08809 CAM08810 CAM08812 CAM08821 CAM08822 CAM08825


The «Gynkana» was quite hard. We had to walk a lot….. but we also saw a lot of Bilbao. Afterwards, we went to the swimming pool. It was so funny. We had lots of fun with the Basques. Some of us got burned from the sun *ouch*. We had noodle soup and french fries with chicken for dinner… *yummy*.


Today in the «Gynkana» some of us got lost in the underground, and other team had gone upstairs to the swimming pool of Artxanda. On the afternoon we enjoyed the sun, plenty of germans got burned and became «Karramarros» (crab). Now we are waiting for the gossip-box<3.  See you tomorrow!

CAM08826 CAM08827 CAM08828   CAM08838

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