UZTAILAK 2 Lehenengo harremana Ipar Irlanda – Euskal Herria

At the first day, we get together, as it was the first day we didn´t talk much. We had to learn other peoples names from the diferent countries, we learned this names by playing games that got us tallking. It was hard for all us to understand each other at first because of the language barrier. We had had fun playing these games and we got to know some people. We also got to know are surroundings to find the places we would be used to like were we would be getting breakfast and dinner, this is just around the cornor from where we are staying. We had to draw up a contract or the group rules as some people like to call it, this are to make everybodys stay here more relaxed and easy to follow. We discussed that bedtime was 24.00 hours and that we as a group had to respect one another.


El primer día, nos conocimos entre nosotros, al ser el primer contacto no hablamos mucho. Tuvimos que aprendernos el nombre de todos y al ser de otro país se nos hizo un poco dificil pronunciarlos y memorizarlos. A la hora de la comunicación también fue dificil entenderles, pero supongo que con el tiempo iremos entendiendo cada vez más. Después de habernos conocido nos enseñaron el restaurante donde desayunaríamos y cenaríamos, ese restaurante nos hará bocatas para comer al mediodía.


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