The first day we met

Today was the first day that we met and we did presentations about our culture for each other. We taught each other which sports we play and how we dance. Tonight we will eat typical Basque food such as omelettes with potatoes. It is difficult for us to communicate because of our different languages but we are both trying to learn each other´s language. Tomorrow  we will go to visit San Sebastian and we will go to the beach together! Everyone is looking forward to it. We do not know whether tomorrow will be good or not :S but we expect it to be good and we will play a lot on the beach such as volleyball 😀

1 comentario en “The first day we met

  1. ¡¡hola!!
    ¿ Que tal el campamento?
    Espero que os lo esteis pasando muy bien y encontréis grandes amigos.
    Pasarlo muy bien disfrutar de la experiencia y llevaros a Maider a irlanda.

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