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7th August 2015

Posted on: 7 agosto, 2015

Today we went to visit the Carrick-a-reed Rope Bridge, and The Giant’s Causeway.

Firstly we went to the Rope Bridge, where we completed a challenge set by Phillis. During the challenge we had to take the most abstract photo, within our set groups. Both Basque and Northern Ireland young people enjoyed doing this, as it was a beautiful day, and the view was amazing!

After The Rope Bridge, we went to Port Ballentoy, and had a group lunch. We had some free time, which meant that everyone could take photos. When we finished lunch we did another challenge, where we had to find a tunnel, around the harbour and see which group could get through the tunnel the fastest.

Before we went to The Giant’s Causeway, we stopped at The smallest church in Northern Ireland, where we were able to take more photos.

Finally we arrived at The Giant’s Causeway, and admired the unique scenery. Here we were able to use a device to understand the history behind The Causeway. This was a benefit to the Basque young people because it was in Spanish. Everyone loved the Causeway, and had a great time. (: (: (:

When we returned to Woodhall we had a mid-way evaluation, were we could all express our opinions on the program so far. During the session we evaluated the good, bad, and suggestions aspects of the exchange. This helped everyone to portray their concerns, and work as a group.



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